Notice: Tracked Learning is available at no cost through the end of 2022. Membership fees will begin January 2023. This will provide users more time to learn the software and provide feedback.

Maximize your time as an educator and spend less time tracking and assessing student progress.

Tracked Learning takes the headache out of evaluating and tracking student progress. Whether you're a SpEd or a GenEd Instructor, our platform is designed to remove busy work and eliminate long nights in the classroom. To learn more, email us today to set up a FREE Zoom call.

Our Purpose

To provide simple, yet powerful solutions designed to enhance your ability to meet the needs of your students. Assessing student goals and tracking progress shouldn't be an overwhelming task, and we aim to prove that! In short, we want to save you time so you can focus your energy on what matters most, our students!

Imagine creating assessments for 50+ students on 10 different parameters in less than a minute, and simply waiting for the results to come in!

What we have to offer

For Special Education Instructors
Scheduling Schedule appointments to meet with student(s) months in advance with ease.
Create/Select Goals Create student goals from scratch or select from our goal bank of 100's of goals designed to address the specific needs of each student.
Assess Learning Objectives Daily During each encounter with your student, you'll have the option to quickly assess their progress towards their learning objectives. All daily data will be tracked and displayed in a bar graph.
Monitor IEP Re-assessment deadlines A calendar is utilized to keep track of all IEP re-assessment dates, as well as any other appointments you may add.
For All Instructors
Learning Assessments Our most prized feature! Our service offers hundreds of unique assessment types with millions of possible questions. Simple select which objective(s) you want to assess, the number of questions you want to ask, and let us take over to randomly generate questions based on those objective(s). Assessments are scored for you and scores can even be broken down by objective.
Track Learning Assessments All learning assessment data is tracked and analyzed to show you which students are excelling/stuggling at each specific objective. You can then monitor student progress in specific areas of learning over time.
Diagnostic Assessments Take advantage of our mathematical computer adaptive diagnostic assessments to determine strengths/weakness of students, create custom goals for students based on their results, and estimate the grade level students are performing. Language Arts is coming soon!
Generate Student Reports Quickly generate student reports with customizable features. Reports can be printed out or emailed to their parent(s).
Archive Student Data Archive student goals/learning objectives as well as learning assessments at any time.
Community Page Our Community Page offers you the ability to interact with others users, as well as with us. If you have an idea on how to make us better, we want to here about it! Our product is constantly evolving and our mission is never complete!
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